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Welcome today's job joke. Our daily clean joke about jobs can include topics such as bosses, employees, menial tasks, co-workers and much more. Come back daily to see our clean joke about jobs!

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Today's Joke About jobs

Thursday, December 8, 2022


During an Army Reserve unit’s annual training, the battalion commander was upset that evening chow was late. He called the mess hall, and the mass sergeant explained that because their vehicle broke down, they couldn’t deliver the field rations to our bivouac site.

The commander immediately yelled to his driver, "Private! Drive to the mess hall and get chow!" The private took off on the 15-minute trip. Over an hour later, we were dismayed to see him return empty-handed.

"Private!" demanded the commander. "What about chow?"

"It was delicious, sir." replied the driver. "I got there right before the mess hall closed, so I got seconds."

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